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Pagan Lust
Burn Moor: Vocals
Byron Church: Drums, Flute, Vocals
HardCore: Lead Guitar, Songwriter
Rick Brough: Bass Guitar, Harmonica,

The music of Pagan Lust is a call to return to that which is most primal within delve into the darkness and extract our deepest longings. Blending genres of rock, metal, blues, punk, and funk... Societal Plague is an album that thematically exposes our own human weaknesses and frailties.

From tracks like Mine which point a finger to our own greed, to Woke which attacks the self-righteous keyboard-warrior culture, each track provides a scathing view of our own humanity. Also featured on this album is the single entitled Yellow Serpents. Yellow Serpents is a reference to the two yellow lines that lead us down the road and is not only an anthem to bikers everywhere but also a tribute to those we have lost along the way. 

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Meet The Team

IMG_2063 (2).jpg

Lead Guitar, Piano, Songwriter


IMG_2076 (2).jpg

Vocals, Lyricist

Burn Moor

IMG_1901 (2).jpg

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

Rick Brough

IMG_1903 (2).jpg

Drums, Flute, Vocals

Byron Church

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